What We Do

Digital Architecture is a vertically integrated, full-service firm that goes beyond the standard offering of design services. Since 1984, we have been attracting prominent talent whose collective body of work is represented here and we have completed projects across 22 US states and in 17 countries. Over the years, Digital Architecture has evolved to respond to the various needs of professional developers who demand excellence in end-to-end execution.

We are the ideal design firm for developers and property owners. Savvy clients empower their designers to realize the savings during the construction phase. We design every project as though we are going to build it, with meticulous attention to critical details and allowance for flexibility where possible.

We have proudly orchestrated, and have successfully syndicated, real estate transactions meeting the investment and profitability criteria.

Since 2001, our 1031 Exchange Alternative solutions have offered unlimited time to identify then close escrow for replacement properties event if they were owned less than one year.

Our long experience and deep knowledge of creating profitable real estate projects could match your needs. Please contact Digital Architecture to arrange an in-depth exchange of information.

Development Services:

Meeting the client’s ROI is the single most important goal. We offer turn-key development services from property selection to certificate of occupancy. When you select us as your development services consultants, we offer a “no-change order” construction pricing as we fully understand the imperative of meeting client’s budgets. Our focus is on time, the target audience for the product with an emphasis on visual balance and cohesiveness using rich, lasting building materials.

We collaborate with industry leaders to provide all necessary services to include and address:

Additional Services:

Please contact us at for a needs assessment meeting.