About John Bowen

John Bowen practiced as a CPA in Ohio for 40 years and retired from professional service as a CPA, June 30, 2001. Currently, among his CFO duties and others, he serves as the co-founder of Strategic Wealth Services, LLC, where his focus is on risk efficient and tax efficient family transition planning, financial transaction structuring, and stewardship, including the design and implementation of his Intellectual Property called: the Wealth Utilization AnalysisTM.

John’s professional activities included serving a client base in 30 states and his concentration has been on tax analysis, design and implementation of wealth utilization strategies, consulting on tax-efficient family business transfers and transaction structuring as well as the development of systems and reports for accountability and control over all financial, operations areas of businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Additionally, John’s practice has included the design and implementation of charitable trusts, shared ownership arrangements, top management and owner’s private retirement plans, and tax-advantaged entities, methods, systems, and procedures, as well as the development and training of specialists in advance charitable fund-raising programs.

John’s approach to tax efficiency offers his clients a superior replacement option for the 1031 exchange program, in which, the time limits and purchase and reinvestment restrictions have been removed. Without the 1031 restrictions, clients sell their appreciated assets when appropriate and buy when the market offers more favorable opportunities. Appreciated assets include real estate, art, antiques, stocks, and bonds, etc. to which extreme tax efficiency applies as long as they generated income from rents, royalties, interest, dividends and capital gains.

John has been a conference speaker at various advanced planning programs for life insurance agents, CPAs and attorneys throughout the U. S. As a guest lecturer for the American Institute of CPAs in Advanced Tax Seminars and the Ohio State University Graduate and Undergraduate Federal Income Tax Courses, John has remained available to share with other professionals much of the experience and insights achieved during his 40 year career as a practitioner.