• LAX Theme Building
  • Sands Hotel and Casino
  • Pepperdine University, Malibu
  • Ministry of the Interior, Saudi Arabia
  • Transamerica Building

About Us

Fardad Farhat has been an Architectural Designer since 1981. Working closely with Jim Langenheim since 1987, Fardad was able to establish his credentials in the creation of Architectural Construction documents and specifications.

Utilizing the best emerging technologies for energy efficiency, his expertise in the creation of site plans and architectural design, and Digital Architecture's use of cutting edge, photorealistic representations of the project and the surrounding environment, Mr. Farhat and his associates are able to quickly design practical, cost effective solutions for building owners and managers. The company's undisputed record in producing high quality 3D solid models to help fast-track the approval and acceptance process is another significant advantage it brings to its clients, large or small.

All his life, James Langenheim has been dedicated to respecting the needs of people, forms, and nature -- moving beyond the module and diligently studying the architecture of other cultures. Looking to tomorrow, and remembering yesterday, he worked to carry out a spiritual credo of creating work that will continually vitalize and elevate civilization. Mr. Farhat and his associates carry this spiritual tenet onwards into the next century.