• LAX Theme Building
  • Sands Hotel and Casino
  • Pepperdine University, Malibu
  • Ministry of the Interior, Saudi Arabia
  • Transamerica Building

About James langenheim

Mr. Langenheim has been Partner and Director of Design at Digital Architecture since 1987, continuing his tradition of timeless designs.

From the smallest element to the grandest scale, James Langenheim's creative land planning and architecture combines imagery with discipline, uniting form with purpose. His work strives to inspire humanity and grace our environment for many generations to enjoy.

Langenheim's designs emerge from decades of devoted study and practice. His growing process creates diverse structural configurations to enhance the built environment. From imagery to design, he emphasizes fundamental principles, not fleeting trends. Each project is a sensitive effort to blend people's needs into a harmonious union with nature and technology.

James Langenheim's projects have gained dozens of honors and international stature. Users and visitors enjoy his innovative concepts, exhilarating proportions, novel use of materials, faithful attention to detail, and insight into the client's desires and expectations. These artistic and practical benefits have consistently generated high levels of demand for his buildings by world renowned personalities, businesses, academia, and governments.